Dr Robert Zoellner

Dr. Robert Zoellner

Doctor Robert H. Zoellner has been a successful optometrist and entrepreneur within the city of Tulsa for over 22 years. However, most would consider him to be an entrepreneur first and an optometrist 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. As a self-made entrepreneur who started with nothing but passion, his current business ventures include: Z66 Auto Auction, Rockin' Z Ranch, Dr. ZZZ's Sleep Center, Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates, and Thrive15.com. He served as the Director of the Board for Regent Bank from March 2008 through January 2013. He's known for consistently saying, "I'd rather invest in a business I have control over." He has made enough money that he is now in that, "I'm going to wear a soccer jersey and shorts everywhere" phase of his life. He deeply cares about humans and is involved in countless philanthropic causes, not the least of which includes his benevolent tasering of Thrive15 Founder, Clay Clark.

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Dr. Robert Zoellner


June 29th, 2017


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