Andy Hinterplattner

Andy Hinterplattner

Andreas “Coach Andy” Hinterplattner is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of All Stages Marketing, LLC, a creative marketing agency based on the West Coast serving clients worldwide. Originally from Vienna, Austria, he began his career in the insurance industry at just 15 years old, entering the workforce through a dedicated occupational-based educational program, and quickly moved into management, sales, marketing and customer relations in the automotive industry. Early on, he was fortunate enough to work for several high-profile global automotive brands, including Toyota, Lotus Cars, Volvo Cars, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia. Being mentored by some of the best minds in Europe at a young age was priceless for his professional development and ambition, not to mention that both his parents were successful entrepreneurs as well.

Growing up with 80 horses was also normal to Andy, as his dad owned a riding school, which led Andy into his first major sporting chapter with competition levels against fellow equestrians twice his age. From his early achievement with horses, he took his dedicated principles and applied them toward his next and most successful sporting chapter, American Football. Pursuing his passion he became a team member of the Vienna Vikings, and won four National Championships, two Junior Championships and appeared in nine Bowl games. In addition, he was also a long-time player for the Austrian National Team and was nominated to the All-European 2nd Team in 1999 as well. During his football career, he also served his duty in the Austrian Army, and was selected and trained to be a Scout/Sniper, honing his skills to zero in on long-range targets with laser-like focus.

Since retiring as a player in 2002, Andy continued to develop his leadership skills and coaching abilities as the Defensive Backs Coach for the Vienna Vikings, enjoying numerous Bowl and Championship victories. Additionally, he served as the Defensive Backs Coach for the Austrian National Team, helping to lead them to the 2011 World Championships in Austria, and was also the Defensive Coordinator for the Austrian Junior National Team during the 2008 European Junior Championships in Spain.


Today, Andy continues to lead his team toward game-winning strategies through competitive environments, yet now it’s for effective online marketing tactics and analysis of data to drive home wins for clients with his wife Amber Sims Hinterplattner, who together own and run All Stages Marketing with a team of professionals helping both national and global brands flourish online. With his ability to immediately interpret information and apply it methodically with clear focus to create game-changing maneuvers and outcomes, Andy has developed a dedicated following from the playing field to the boardrooms of clients.


June 28th, 2017


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