I joined the site because, “I am big into mentors and asking others for their expertise.
Paul R

“I feel like I am an entrepreneur at heart. Yes I am in the military, but I don’t foresee it being a lifetime career. Even if it is, afterwards I still want to open my own business some day. I am always finding new ways to get smart on today’s entrepreneurship.”
Kate T

“It is the community I think that is the biggest part of an entrepreneur. It can be a lonely place and that community is helpful”
Matthew S

“What you guys are doing is great. I am always looking to further myself and I see Thrive as a way to do that. I love what you’re doing and anything I can do to help and give feedback I will. Let’s see how far we can take this.”
U.S. Military Veteran

You guys are awesome, this is some thing very different from anything else i have seen, keep it going! Thank You!
James A

I have been a knowledge searcher for many years. I have been a subscriber of HBR for many years. But until I found Thrive15 I never had found anything as worthy.
Gabriel L

We are Thriving with the knowledge gained–our business concept is maturing in unexpected, but clear ways. So glad!
Melissa C

I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I’m enjoying your content, energy and mission. Way to go! Thanks for everything you’re doing to help us all thrive.
Kathy M

You made me feel, by listening to these real people, that I can do it too. And Clay rocks at conducting interviews! He should do this for a living!
David M

“I’m looking for a resource that when I have a question, there’s an answer. Like how to hire new people, what should I be projecting when I’m expanding my business.”
Robert B

“I’m one of those crazy people that at like 9 years I was introduced to Earl Nightengale and Napoleon Hill, so that was really a blessing. But we didn’t have anything like this then. I’m just under 40, and as blessed as I was to get exposed to that, there was nothing like the things available today like on Thrive15 and all these different places. It’s just crazy.”
David Wilcox


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